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Kim Jenny And Carmen Leather And Laces Ladies

Doing its part to a surprising start Super Bowl weekend, it was noted Kim Kardashian assuming his role as host to the 6th Annual Leather and Laces Celebration yesterday evening (January 30). The Keeping up with the Kardashians hottie looked amazing as she posed for paparazzi on the red carpet outside the Jackson, sporting a beige Strapless dress with matching heels..
4.2.09 08:44

Carmen Electra Blames Jessica Simpsons Outfit For Looking Plump

A lot of women who die to look as good as it looks. At the 6th Annual Leather Laces Super Bowl Party in Tampa Friday night, told People magazine that the Simpsons body is a source of inspiration for many women. A couple of Hollywood celebrities came to support the highly criticized for her Jessica Simpson Plumper figure including her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, and his sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Now his good friend, Carmen Electra, comes to his defense. Shes a beautiful girl, said Electra.
4.2.09 08:44

Twilights Rob Pattinson Finds Himself Boring

22-year-old hottie Robert Pattinson is simply flabbergasted by the crazy amount of attention it has received from the media, insisting that he is really not that interesting. Pattinson doesn t interest to understand the world through him. Honestly, I m not that interesting, Pattinson said in an interview with The Improper before revealing that he prefers more low key activities, instead of making merry and constant activity of many celebrities seem to be wrapped in. Although the heartthrob quickly become the obsession of millions of young and old fans around the world, Pattinson, who plays vampire Hunky Edward Cullen in Twilight admits to not understanding why the spotlight has been shined him a.
4.2.09 08:44

David Cook And David Archuleta Kicking Off Tours

And both have had a taste of what happened - Cook broke pop chart records in May (08), when 11 of his songs debut on Billboard Hot 100, and Archuleta namesake first LP and single Crush is the number two spot America. Ex AMERICAN IDOL competitors DAVID COOK and DAVID ARCHULETA prepares to go head to head - are starting to rival the U. And now, the couple will still be competing - for revelers in tow for their American jaunts. Tour day, as well. The couple has fought to be crowned winner of last year (08) hit TV talent contest - with Cook proving triumphant, winning the season with a landslide majority of 12 million. S.
4.2.09 08:44

Mcdaniel First Az High School Player In Nfl Hall

But I could t top of the family greatest story of the day. It was a good call, said McDaniel, who played guard for the Minnesota Vikings, from 1988 to 1999 and with the Buccaneers in 2000-2001. My Mom After I Told Her Wanted To Catch Me Up On All The News Happening OAS_AD. Randall was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Avondale Randall McDaniel when called to the house Saturday, his mother, Lela, wanted to catch him up to all the family news.
4.2.09 08:44


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